ACDA Introduces the First Rock ‘N Roll Series Top of the Charts Rankings!

If you haven’t seen the revamped ACDA (American Cheer and Dance Academy) cheer and dance event themes yet, they’re definitely worth checking out! ACDA (a division of the EPIC Brands) has upgraded their look this season to reflect several fun, fresh series including the Rock ‘N Roll Championships, High Rollers Vegas-style championships, and the ever-popular Reach the Beach, now broken up into Beach Blast Championships and Nationals!
The first two events of our Rock ‘N Roll Championship series last weekend were largely successful in both Maryland and Louisiana, and we’ve introduced our first ever “Top of the Charts” List, consisting of the best 10 team scores from all Rock ‘N Roll Championships combined during the 2012-2013 competition season. Top of the Charts will be updated after each event, and the team with the highest score overall will be awarded $5,000 in EPIC money! Do YOU have what it takes to reach the Top of the Charts??

Here is where our Rock ‘N Roll Championship series teams stand so far:

Organization Team Event Score Rank
LA Xtreme All Stars Senior L3 Cajun Classic 94.67 1
Louisiana Rebels All Stars Mini L1 Cajun Classic 93.44 2
Louisiana Rebels All Stars Youth L1 Cajun Classic 93.25 3
Louisiana Rebels All Stars Senior L2 Cajun Classic 92.56 4
Louisiana Rebels All Stars Senior L3 Cajun Classic 92.54 5
Allstar Cheer Express ACE Divas- Junior L1 Cajun Classic 92.10 6
Totally Tumbling Fierce Black- Senior L4 Cajun Classic 91.35 7
Cougars Competitive Cheer Lynx- Senior Rec L4 Retro Rock 89.18 8
Spirit of Cheer Fusion- Senior L3 Cajun Classic 88.60  9
Champion Cheernastics Purple- Junior L2 Cajun Classic 88.03  10

Check back after each Rock ‘N Roll event to see who’s at the top!





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