Private Skills and Choreography Camps are still available through EPIC Brands this summer!

There is still plenty of time to register for a private custom camp or choreography camp this summer! Choose from one of the options below.
  • Custom Cheer or Dance Camps- 1, 2 or 3 day camps includes all the elements needed to get your team started off to the best season. Held privately at your facility by our great instructors, you choose the elements taught in your camp from our custom menu!
  • Level Stunt Camps- Focus on pyramids and partner stunts specific to the level your team will be competing in for the upcoming season! Camps are grouped by USASF Levels: 1-6 appropriate material is taught for each level.
  • High School Prep Camps- Open to all skill levels, you will learn about all the new NFHS stunting rules, new scoring rubrics, and how to improve all of your skill sets with new creative skills being taught by some of the best cheerleading and gymnastics instructors in the country!
  •  Parks and Rec Cheer Camps- Hosted by your local parks and recreation or youth organizations, these commuter camps are a fantastic way to let your little ones gain experience in cheerleading at an affordable cost! for more information and to find registration forms
Questions? Contact us at 877-322-2310!

Need help creating a routine to rock out for the season? We can help!
Our EPIC 2:30 choreographers will come to your facility to create a fully custom routine for you, including custom music! We can do any part of a routine or the entire thing, so pricing is completely customized to your needs. Please contact for more information.

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