What’s NEW with the EPIC Brands in 2012-2013?

Who wants to attend last year’s events when you already did? That’s why the EPIC Brands is updating our entire lineup of events for 2012-2013. There’s a lot new and exciting with each of our brands, so take a look at what’s in store for next cheer and dance season!

American Cheer and Dance Academy

ACDA has been a competitive brand since 1991, and is famous for establishing Reach the Beach Nationals. Now that Reach the Beach is its own entity, ACDA was left last season with no national championship to call its own. This year, everyone’s favorite championship event, the Maryland Cup, is ACDA’s new NATIONAL Championship! All Star teams will compete on Saturday, Rec and School teams will compete on Sunday morning, and Dance will have its own championship event, complete with Marley floor, on Sunday in the afternoon! Get ready for some new surprises in production, awards, and overall look across the ACDA brand as well!

Spirit Unlimited

Spirit Unlimited is all about prestige this year! Get ready for Spirit Unlimited’s brand new look, launching with a new website coming soon. SU is adding to its BATTLE Nationals series with an all-new Battle in Queen City National Championship, and both Battle Nationals will have exciting new lighting, individual placement awards, and services at the events that are not available anywhere else. Battle at the Boardwalk is now offering ONE FULL PAID and THREE AT LARGE bids to Worlds, and the Worlds teams will complete their preliminary round on Friday night during the “Premier” event, which is FREE admission for spectators and includes much more than the competition alone. Expect to be treated like the superstar you are with Spirit Unlimited this season!

Reach the Beach

Reach the Beach is not only the original beach themed nationals series, it’s also the most AWESOME! RTB Nationals will of course include our All Star, Rec and School, Dance, and Daytona events, but this year we are also having our RTB SoCal event in beautiful San Diego, CA. RTB is now presenting a NEW series called Beach Blasts, where we bring the beach to you! These events are championship-style events that are tons of fun and also competitive, and they’re located in many places throughout the US. Each event is going to outdo last year’s event, so make sure to register early. Can’t wait to see you at the beach!


Cheerstarz is our brand that allows everyone to SHINE. These events are great fundraiser events for any organization- all you have to do is secure the location and the teammates to help work, and we do the rest! Cheerstarz is expanding past Maryland this season into Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and MORE, so take a look and make sure you check out a Cheerstarz event near you. This is a perfect affordable event for rec, school, and smaller all star programs that want a place to feel like the awesome athletes that they are!

Stay tuned for all new websites launching, as well as more upgrades to ALL of our brands for the 2012-2013 season!

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