Cheer Mix-A-Lot’s Clients Rock the 2012 NCA Collegiate Cheerleading National Championships!

Cheer Mix-A-Lot has a lot to make noise about after last week’s events at the NCA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Nationals. Towson University cheer team, competitors in All-Girl Division I, took home second place, while the Dukes of James Madison University were crowned national champions of the Coed Intermediate division. Both programs are clients of Cheer Mix-A-Lot, and brand director Mike Vandermause is more than pleased that the mixes provided for these teams pumped them up SO much that they rocked it all the way to the top of the rankings.

Founded in 2005, Cheer Mix-A-Lot was established to provide cheer and dance programs throughout the nation with professional, exciting, custom music mixes for their routines. The company has limitless options, from semi-custom mixes at fantastic prices to completely unique mixes created specifically to routine 8-counts. Cheer Mix-A-Lot’s champion clients transcend further than these two college nationals teams- each season, Mike and his staff produces music for everyone from Level 1 teams, to high school teams, to Cheer and Dance Worlds competitors.

Check out or call 866-965-2322 to start creating your custom music mix for the perfect touch to an awesome routine.

Cheer Mix-A-Lot is a division of the EPIC Brands. Visit or call 877-322-2310 for more information about some of the most exciting cheer and dance camps and competitions in the nation!

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