Reach the Beach All Star and College Recap!

The staff at the EPIC Brands has a lot to celebrate after this weekend: we have successfully run our 25th Reach the Beach Ocean City National Championship! For all of you who attended, our staff at the EPIC Brands would like to thank you all for making the 2012 Reach the Beach All Star and College Nationals our best one YET! So many great memories were made, and so many fantastic teams were awarded for their efforts, so I’ve created an RTB Recap to highlight some of the great events of the weekend!

Friday, March 30th:

3:30 pm- Soloists and stunt groups started pouring into the convention center for our first day of competition- It’s official, RTB All Star 2012 has begun!

We had over 75 GREAT performances in the Cheer Solo, Cheer Duet/Trio, Stunt Group, Dance Solo, and Dance Duet/Trio divisions!!

Special congratulations to James Hund from World Challenge All Stars for being the highest scoring soloist, winning $500!

Special Congratulations to Maryland All Stars’ Maddie and Harley for being the highest scoring partner/group stunt, also winning $500!

Saturday, March 31st:

6:00 am- The doors opened for the start of Team Competition Day 1!!!

We had AWESOME performances throughout the entire day, including over 25 teams competing for our WORLDS bids!!

Our IEP award winner, Sydney from Ohio Valley All Stars, was recognized on stage!! Sydney is represents a group that we at EPIC hold very dear- she is a member of the Ohio Valley All Stars Special Needs team, and suffers from uncontrollable seizures. Just before her team was set to hit the warm up floor on Saturday, she had a seizure and needed medication to ease it. Moments later, even though she was practically asleep in her mother’s arms because her medication makes her drowsy, her coach asked her if she’d be able to do the routine or if she wanted them to re-work it without her. Sydney’s dedication to her team, her coach, and to cheerleading gave her the push she needed. “No I’m doing the routine- anything for you coach!” she said, and woke herself up to get on the mat with her team, who then had an AWESOME performance!! Sydney is just one example of the many cheerleaders at our events that show the utmost passion for cheerleading and strive for excellence at every chance they get. Thank you for your commitment, and congratulations to Sydney!

Our Coach of the Year, Pattie from Tri-State All Stars, was recognized on stage on Saturday evening at 6:00 pm!

The winner of a BRAND NEW KIA SOUL was announced at 6:30, and man was it a nail biter! After a name is announced, the winner has only 60 SECONDS to get up to the stage, or else we call a different name! Neil from Northern Elite All Stars was announced first…he was not there!!! We called a second name, and Maria, ALSO from Northern Elite All Stars, won the car!!! Northern Elite has some lucky coaches!

Day 1 wrapped up around 9:45 pm, and what a great day it was!!

Sunday, April 1st:

6:00 am- Doors open again for the start of Day 2!!!

We had MANY great performances and lots of National Champions, but here are just a few notable awards that were given out!

Level 1 Grand Champion and winner of $3,000: Dream All Stars Eclipse!

Level 2 Grand Champions and winner of $3,000: East Coast Nitros Aftershock!

Level 3 Grand Champions and winner of $3,000: Penn Elite All Stars!

Level 4 Grand Champions and winner of $3,000: Maryland Twisters Hail!

Level 5/6 Grand Champions and winner of $3,000: Maryland Twisters F5!

Worlds Bids:


Thanks for a great RTB 2012, We’ll see you next year!!!

1 thought on “Reach the Beach All Star and College Recap!

  1. I just want to say that you guys are AWESOME! Maddie and Harley are my daughter and niece, and I just want to say thank you for all of your support! It means so much to me that you have posted their picture and congratulated them yet again! These two girls have worked so hard to be able to do what they can do, and to receive such enormous recognition is amazing and so appreciated!!! Thank you again for making their first partner stunt experience so memorable and rewarding!!
    Mandi Pickett

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