12 Cheer Trends to Look Out for in ’12

Happy New Year to all you cheerleaders out there!! Every new year comes with new and exciting uniforms, skill progressions, music, and makeup, so here are a list of 12 cheer trends that we think will hit the floor BIG in 2012!

1) Eyeshadow stickers- All the sparkle, NONE of the mess! These sticky eyeshadow looks are a new style becoming bigger in the cheerleading world, because cheerleaders can get the same on-stage glam look as applying lots of glitter, but they’re hypoallergenic, they’re easy to apply, they come out perfectly every time, and they take a fraction of the time to put on!

2) Pink Lipstick- Thank you, Nicki Minaj! Teams are starting to go more Barbie or Bubblegum on their lips rather than Cherry. Pink is not only a huge fashion trend in the market right now, but it’s more youthful, more edgy, and it looks cuter!

3) Unique uniform cut-outs- You’ve already seen them all over the place, but cut-outs aren’t going anywhere for now! They’re fun, flirty, and create a totally unique look to uniforms that everyone will be talking about. Get those clear bra straps ready for competition day!

4) BIG bows with Rhinestones- As everyone can tell, the bow market has gotten HUGE in every sense of the word. With all of these busy, sparkly, shiny spandex uniforms, bows can get too intricate and clash with the designs out there today. Try a BIG, plain colored bow with rhinestone embellishment! You can get pretty much anything in rhinestones, whether it be a star, your team’s logo or symbol, or even your team’s name!

5) A Uniform for Each Competition Day- It started out as a college nationals thing, but it’s a great way for your team to show originality! You don’t need to switch the ENTIRE uniform as that can get very expensive, but it keeps the fans surprised and engaged to sport a different look on day 2! Try wearing the same top and switching from skirts to shorts for different performances, or switching out hairstyles and bows!

6) Tracksuit Warm-Ups- Instead of those swishy sounding, oversized warm-ups, go for a more clean, form fitting, tracksuit type look! They’re very popular now among teams, and keep with the trend by blinging them up with a metallic or rhinestone version of your team’s name or logo!

7) Team Nicknames- Large programs have had different names for their teams for years, but programs are now starting to shorten those names so they can be easily incorporated into uniforms, voice overs, and more! For example- Top Gun i5 (International Coed Level 5), World Cup Odyssey (Big O), and Louisville Smoed (Small Coed). Use your team’s name to think of a cute, fun nickname to incorporate into your routine and brand as your own!

8) Classic Pop/Rock/Dance Songs- Tired of hearing the same Kesha, Lady Gaga, Beyonce songs in competition routines? Nix ANYTHING that you’ve heard on the radio in the past 2 years in your music selection! Try doing something different: ONLY pick songs that come from the years that your team members were born in. There’s plenty of awesome songs out there that are 10, 15, even 18 years old that are guaranteed to get the judges excited, because they’re songs they grew up with, but haven’t heard in years!

9) Multiple-Angle Connecting Jumps- Want to max out your score? STOP with the pike jump, pause, triple toe touch! The skills are getting harder, so keep your jumps up to par. Try a front hurdler, pike, toe touch combination, but connect all the jumps and force your athletes to turn their bodies as they swing. It’s harder, but it’s the new way to max out your jumps and difficulty scores!

10) Front and Back Walkovers- Many squads are so concerned with putting difficulty into their routines that they forget about the basics. Front and back walkovers are cute transitional elements, and they also will get you a higher score if you connect them to the beginning of a difficult tumbling pass.

11) Full Squad Running Tumbling- It may be hard to get full squad tumbling on one mat with over 20 people, but get creative! A simple Power hurdle roundoff- something pass at any level will max out a team’s score if the whole team (or it appears that the whole team) does it with synchronicity. A criss cross or a square formation always has a good visual look!

12) Long, Transitioning Pyramids- Pyramids are getting more and more amazing, with all of the flips, twists, transitions, etc. Of course keep everything level- appropriate, but try some interesting transitions and hit at least 3 different body positions in your pyramid. Also, try to switch the flyers from the inside to the outside, and vice versa- it shows versatility of your athletes!

Good luck to everyone in 2012!!

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