Gift Exchanging- Think OUTSIDE of the box!

Now that you have gotten the holiday party planned and invited everyone, it’s time to talk gift-giving!

Inexpensive Gift Exchanges are very popular among teams, so why not spice it up a little! Here’s a list of 10 thinking-outside-the-box gift exchange ideas!

1) White Elephant- Each team member must bring a gift at a set dollar amount. Team members then pick a number out of a hat, and the numbers represent the order that people pick their gift. The person who draws 1 picks a gift and unwraps it, then the next person goes. The second person may either steal the first person’s gift (in which case the first person chooses again) or may choose a new gift. Continue around until the whole team has a gift! Keep in mind, anyone’s gift can be stolen at ANY time!

2) Create a gift theme– Pick something that you can all relate to, and each person has to bring a gift that is related to the theme chosen!

3) The Game Exchange– Each team member brings a party game to play, and the team tries to play every game for one round throughout the night!

4) Name Exchange– Each team member picks a person out of a hat, and they must bring a gift that starts with the same letter as the person’s name!

5) Name Exchange 2– If you have a larger budget or want to expand the Name Exchange, each person must create a gift bag of gifts, one for each letter in the person’s name that they are buying for!

6) Mr. Left and Mrs. Right Exchange– Each team member brings a wrapped gift and everyone sits in a circle, starting with their own gift. Coach then creates a story about “Mr. Left and Mrs. Right”, but cannot use the two names the same number of times in the story. When coach is reading the story, pass the gift to the left each time Mr. Left is mentioned, and to the right each time Mrs. Right is mentioned. The team members open the gift in their laps when the story is finished!

7) Bow Exchange– We ARE cheerleaders, after all! Since fancy customized bows are so in right now, why not give them as gifts? Each team member makes their own bow however they choose, wraps it, and then the team can play any gift exchange game to give them out. This way, everyone gets the same gift, it’s inexpensive, and it’s something EVERYONE will use!

8) Trivia Game– Make up trivia questions about whatever your team chooses as the theme. The players must raise their hands to answer, and the first person to answer each question correctly picks their gift and is out of the game. Make sure you have more questions than there are players, and make sure the questions are of varying difficulty!

9) Hot Potato Game– Everyone sits in a circle, and one or two gifts are tossed around the circle at a time. Play a Holiday song, and stop it at a random time. The person with the gift in their hand when the music stops opens that gift and is out of the game. Continue until all are finished!

10) Household Gift Exchange– Find something in your home that your teammates could ACTUALLY use. Wrap it up and give it out- it costs nothing, and it’s creative!

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