Spread Some Holiday CHEER with these Team Holiday Party Ideas!

Thanksgiving is behind us, and so it’s that time again- Holiday parties!!!

The EPIC Brands would like to share some of our favorite team holiday party ideas and activities!

Gingerbread House- Building Competition:

Break your team up into teams, and see how good your candy carpentry skills are!! There are gingerbread house kits you can buy, or have each member of the team pitch in to bring different ingredients needed to make the gingerbread house. Give the teams a time limit to build their house, and give a prize to the sturdiest, the prettiest looking, the most original design, best use of the team’s colors, or any other category you can think of! It’s a fun activity AND a tasty treat when it’s all done!!

Tacky Christmas Sweater Theme:

Standard, but ALWAYS fun!! The only time you’ll ask your grandma to borrow her clothes- Have your teammates come to the party in the most tacky Christmas/Holiday sweater they can find. Even if you don’t make a contest out of it, you’ll at least get a good laugh!

Holiday PJ Party:

Get comfy!! Great idea for a themed team night get-together. Wear holiday pajamas, drink hot chocolate, do a secret snowflake gift exchange, and even have a pillow fight!!

Decorate a Winter Hat or Scarf:

Have everyone bring a plain winter hat or scarf of their choice, bring some of your own ribbons, bedazzles, and sparkles, and go at it! Put all of your accessories in a community pile to share to diversify your options! Fun and easy hang out activity for your team!

Bow Decorating Party:

Have everyone bring their own ribbon spools, glitter, and gems, then throw into a pile to share! Easy to make, and can be used as a Christmas tree decoration or to wear! Make it more interesting- everyone picks a name out of a hat to give their bow to as a gift at the end of the night!

Want to make it a game? Play pass the bows! Split the team up in half, stand in a line, and each team keeps their own bows. At one end of the line place the bows and at the other end have a table or stool where they can place the bows. Have each player hold hands with the person next to them. As soon as the game starts, the teams must pass all the bows down to the one end and place them on the table or stool without letting go of each other. Once all bows are at the end, start passing them back to the front of the line.

Note: If a bow falls, players must retrieve while still being connected; if the chain breaks, all the bows currently being passed must move back to the beginning of the line. (Either the front – initial starting point or the table / stool – the half way point.)

Teddy Bear Dressing Party:

Do something great for your community- make some teddy bears to donate to childrens’ charities for the holidays! Break into teams and split the cost of supplies. Then get together as an entire team and spend some time decorating and dressing the bears. Donate them after you’re done as gifts for children in need- they’ll be greatly appreciated!

Need help finding a place to donate your bears? Toys for Tots has donation locations all throughout the US, but try searching the web for toy donations in your area if you’re looking for something a little more catered to your community as well!

Gingerbread Cookie Decorating:

A fun activity to do as a team- coach or team mom bakes all the cookies, and the kids decorate! Get icings, sprinkles, and candies, and have a good time! Simple, quick, and yummy!

Reindeer Hunt Game:

Buy 9 small stuffed reindeer (one needs to be Rudolph!) and hide them throughout the house/gym/ wherever the team party is taking place. Set a time limit, have the kids search, and the first ones to come up with the reindeer win a prize! The top prize goes to the person who finds Rudolph!

Holiday Cookie Exchange:

Everyone bakes a batch of cookies (enough to give one to each teammate, of course!) and at the get-together, swap cookies! Make sure to bring some home, though- 15+ cookies in one night won’t be so easy on the stomach!

Christmas (or Hannukah!) Carol Karaoke:

Who doesn’t love karaoke?!?! Choose a list of holiday favorites and do a karaoke contest amongst your teammates!

We hope you can use these ideas to spread some holiday cheer around your team this year!! Happy Holidays!!!

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