HIT your routine, don’t hit the floor!

We all know that the point of competing is to WOW the crowd, and more importantly, the judges; but what’s the best way to do it?

According to us at the EPIC Brands and many top judges in the industry, the best routine is the one that combines great level-appropriate skills with energy and enthusiasm, but is also the CLEANEST. Since cheerleading is ever reaching new heights of difficulty of skills that are being performed, we must keep in mind that the most difficult skill wins, but ONLY if it is coupled with flawless execution!

We know you want to show off your ability to max out your level’s skills and score the maximum points, but take a step back! Before performing this awesome new skill, think to yourself- am I confident this will stick? If you’re at practice and the skill is only hitting half the times you try it, then there’s a 50% chance that it WON’T hit in competition.

Deductions from bobbles and falls may actually subtract more points than a more difficult skill adds. It’s the difference between scoring an 8.5 for your difficulty and hitting it flawlessy, making the routine look GREAT, or maybe scoring an 8.9 for your difficulty but deducting 1 point off of your TOTAL score because of a bobble- or worse, 2 points off for a fall!

It’s early in the season, so you have time to practice and show off your more difficult skills next competition. A clean, well-executed routine is the safest and best approach to any competition. Plus, hitting a GREAT routine the first time around feels AWESOME!

Now get out there and HIT your routine!

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